2024届高考英语一轮复习同步训练:必修3 Unit 5《Canada——“The True North”》(新人教版含答案)

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2024届高考英语一轮复习同步训练:必修3 Unit 5《Canada——“The True North”》(新人教版含答案)

  Unit 5 Canada——“The True North”

  【热点话题】(历史与地理)介绍旅游景点:荔湾镇体裁:说明文写作思路:位置—面积—人口—【美文诵读】wns.① It_covers_a_total_area_

  of_2,830.54_square_kilometers_with_a_population_of_630,478.② It is warm,wet all the year round here with_a_lot_of_rainfall_in_

  summer.③ Having a history of nearly 2,000 years,the Town of Liwan has many places of interest,among which the Puning Temple,which was built 1,200 years ago,and the Hot Spring attract a good many tourists from_every_corner_of_the_world.④ The town has varieties of fruit,such as watermelons and oranges,and tourism plays_an_important_role⑤ in its economy.【学海拾贝按要求完成或翻译下列句子。从化位于广州北部是一个美丽而宁静的地方。这个村庄占地四百余亩有三百多村民。广州一年四季湿热夏季降水充沛。ith_a_lot_of_rainfall in summer.

  4.中国悠久的历史和灿烂的文明吸引了世界各地的游客。旅游业在我国起着越来越重要的作用。rtant_role in our country.

  Ⅰ.按要求写出下列单词部长大臣 .同学校友 .聊天 .chat

  4.加拿大人;加拿大的 .海港 .话题 .边界;与……接壤 .灌木丛矮树丛 .黎明拂晓 .市区的;在市区 .& adv.downtown

  11.文化的 文化 .多种文化的 轻微的 轻微地 包围围绕 .surround环境;周围的 .环境 .使恐怖 .令人恐惧的 恐惧的受惊吓的 恐怖 .15.解决定居 .定居者 .


  2.The town is surrounded by the surrounding_mountains and its water comes from there.(surroundings)

  3.The patient is slightly better today and I think she won't feel the slightest pain after taking this medicine.(slight)

  4.At present there is no hope of settlement in this dispute and the settlers have a difficult life.(settle)

  5.Many people suffered from cultural shock when they went abroad.(culture)

  Ⅱ.翻译下列短语设法做某事manage_to_do看见 catch_sight_of在 in_the_distance

  4.在海岸线上 on_the_coast黎明 at_dawn合计为计算出;领会figure_out与其;不愿 rather_than有……天赋 have_a_gift_for定居;平静下来 settle_down more_than

  选用上述短语完成下列短文。(1) settled_down near a river when he was young.Whenever he saw a fish in the water,he would (2) manage_to catch it,using a net.He also had good eyesight and could see a sparrow (3) in_the_distance.In the past when he (4) caught_sight_of a sparrowhoot it,but now he never kills a bird as he feels it wrong to do so.

  Ⅲ.重点句型It is the second largest country in the world.(p.33)


  the+序数词+最高级“第几……”。he fourth tallest boy in our school.


  (2)毛毛是我班第二高的学生。Rather than take the aeroplane all the way,they decided to fly to Vancouver...(p.34)


  rather than宁愿……也不愿……;而不是。说明:与其……不愿/不要……常用would 或would do...rather than do...结构表达。[模仿造句]用上述句型完成下列句子。(1)他们决定开车去青岛而不是坐船去大连。(2)我宁愿在家和朋友聊天也不愿意和姐姐去市中心。…Canada has more fresh water than any other country in the world.(p.34)


  主语+动词+比较级+than any other+名词单数……比其他任何……都要……本句型是比较级表示最高级意义;如果在同一范围相比必须有other。any other+单数+复数。如果是在不同范围内两个个体进行比较则不要other。ing_than_any_other_book in the library.

  这本书比图书馆其他书都要有趣。[模仿造句]用上述句型完成下列句子。(1)上Shanghai is larger_than_any_other_city_in_Asia.




  主旨大意题要求对文章的整体或局部(如段落)进行分析、概括归纳相关部分的中心大意(main idea)选择标题(title)判断作者的写作目的(purpose)等。主题句定位法”是解答主旨大意题的一种行之有效的方法。有些文章有明确的主题句这类文章寻找主题句时多采用浏览法(skimming)。浏览时一般不用逐句细看只选读文章的首段、尾段或每段的1.主题句出现在文首。开门见山提出主题随之用细节来解释、支撑或发展主题句所表达的主题思想。这是英语中最常见的演绎法写作方式。资讯报道通常就采用这种写法。资讯报道的首句通常称为“资讯导语”导语”实际上就是所谓的主题句是对全文内容的高度概括。主题句出现在文末。在表述细节后归纳要点以概括主题。这是英语中最常见的归纳法写作方式。主题句首尾呼应。主题隐含在全文中没有明确的主题句。必须根据文章中所提供的事实细节进行全面考虑综合分析然后找出共同的东西归纳成一般概念。必须注意的是既不能以偏概全也不能在概括时过于宽泛要恰如其分。【例】 Studies show that only seven percent of communication in everyday life is in words.Westerners expect people to look each other in the eyes when they are talking to each other.If you do not do that while you are talking,

  what the other person is saying.In the west, pointing with one finger at a person while talking usually means that the person who is speaking is criticizing(批评) the one being pointed at.Thereforeunication.

  This paragraph mainly tells us________.解析:本段主要说明身势语的重要性主题句在篇末。答案:B【例】 When we were very young,

  and secrets.The need for friends continued as we grew up and began to think about who we are.Friends play a big part in building our personalities.As adults, it is still important for us to have friends.Besides our family, friends can also be our greatest comfort and supporters.

  What is the main idea of the paragraph?

  A.We all have friends.

  B.Animals can be our friends.

  C.Friends are important in our lives.

  D.A friend in need is a friend indeed.


  根据所学技巧完成下列微型阅读理解题。(一)derstand most English words, you may want to get an English璄nglish dictionary instead.

  The main idea of this paragraph is that ________.nglish

  C.you may learn English through reading books

  D.you need dictionaries to learn English better

  解析:主题句在篇首。答案:B(二)ess.They have proven to help small businesses become easier and get a better chance of development.Banking programs can help businesses watch every penny and know exactly where it went and where it is going.They can also help us plan our holidays, from booking the flights and hotel rooms, to giving us driving directions.The more intelligent the PCs are, the more help we can get from them.Today PCs do most of the work for us; it cuts our working time in half.Personal computers have become a large part of our life and they have helped society in many ways.

  What's the main idea of the passage?

  A.PCs solve problems very fast.

  B.PCs improve businesses a lot.

  C.PCs help people in different ways.

  D.PCs cut people working time.

  解析:主题句在篇末。答案:C(三)(征服) Ireland.For hundreds of years, was forced to give independence to the south of Ireland.The result is that today there are two “Irelands”.Northern Ireland, rop, potatoes, was affected by diseases and about 750,000 people died of hunger.This,and a shortage(短缺) of work, .2 million in 1841 to 6.6 million in 1851.

  For many years, the majority of Irish people earned their living as farmers.Today, many people still work on the land but more and more people are moving to the cities to work in factories and offices.Life in the cities is very different from life in the countryside, where things move at a quieter and slower pace.

  The Irish are famous for being warm環earted and friendly.Oscar Wilde, a famous Irish writer, once said that the tIrish were “the greatest talkers since the Greeks”.Since independence, (复兴) its own culture of music, ments such as the violin, whistles, etc.

  1.The first paragraph mainly tells us________.and


  第一节 阅读理解阅读下面的短文从每题所给的A、B、C和D项中选出最佳选项。A

  If you really want to get to know Mexico,we strongly introduce our homestay program.Experience Mexican culture while studying Spanish at Vancouver Language Centre!A VIC homestay offers you this unique chance while you study in Guadalajara.Your visit will be more pleasant if you observe the following:(1)Be prepared to:le.

  (2)Be polite to your homestay family:(3)You are responsible for the cost of:l transportation.

  —Personal telephone calls.You should purchase an international telephone card.

  —Your hosts are not required to provide transportation or entertainment.If they do invite you out somewhere,offer to contribute towards the cost of the trip.


  Most people in Mexico eat the following three meals each day::This meal is normally served between 7:00 A.M.and 8:30A.M.For many families:Most Mexicans have luch between 2:00 P.M.and 4:00 P.M.Lunch is traditionally the big meal of the day.On school days:This is usually a light:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.u do not want anything.They will not know your preferences unless you tell them.


  (1)In Mexican culture,it is not acceptable to go upstairs to your bedroom with any friend.

  (2)You can't smoke or drink wines inside the house.


  Many host families offer gifts to their guests.You might want to bring some souvenirs for your hosts,too.

  1.The passage is probably written for________.learners who want to take online courses

  C.travelers who are interested in visiting Guadalajara

  D.foreign students who plan to live with Mexican families

  2.In the Mexican families,students are required to pay for________.of their transportation costs

  B.the cost of traveling for their hosts

  C.telephone calls made by themselves

  D.the meals their friends have at home


  can be inferred from the passage about the meals?

  A.Mexicans prefer a big meal in the evening.

  B.Mexicans often have lunch and supper late.

  C.Mexicans like to buy their lunches at restaurants.

  D.Mexicans accept any food the first time it is offered.

  4.People choose the program mainly to________.g habits

  B.make some friends with the local Mexicans

  C.learn Mexican culture and the Spanish language

  D.save money when traveling in foreign countries

  语篇解读:温哥华语言中心为在墨西哥的国际留学生提供了完善的寄解析:写作意图题。根据第一段第三句“A VLC homestay offers you this unique chance while you study in Guadalajara.”可知该文章是写给那些想要住在墨西哥当地居民家中的外国学生。故答案为D项。答案:D解析:细节理解题。根据第四段中的Personal telephone calls.You should purchase an international telephone card.”可知寄住在当地人家里的学生应该自理话费。故答案为C项。 答案:C解析:推理判断题。根据文章MEALS中的“Most Mexicans have lunch between 2:00 P.M. and 4:00 P.M. 和This is usually a light:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.”可推出墨西哥人吃午饭和晚饭的时间较迟。故答案为B项。答案:B解析:细节理解题。根据全文可知参加该项目的人们是想感受墨西哥的文化和学习西班牙语。故答案为C项。答案:CB

  There is one contribution to running a successful health club business that 95% of people completely forget.What is it?You may wonder.?Do they see that you're full of businessdo they see an empty business which may suggest that there's a reason why it's empty?Do they see trainers who are in great shape themselvesrobably gone forever!Think about the last time you got a bad impression of another person.It doesn't matter whether or not that person was as bad as you thought or whether they were saints;it still probably took you some extra time to get over your first impression and change your thoughts about that person.

  Unfortunately it's the same way when it comes to the first impression of a business,except in most cases,it's actually worse because once they have that bad impression,it's hard to make it up.Another reason why the first impression is so important is because if a person has a bad first impression,or any bad impression on that matter,they're very likely to tell their friends about it.

  Whatever way you want to think about it,creating a fantastic first impression is something you should start thinking about immediately.If there's one thing you need to remember about making a great first impression,it's this—imagine yourself in your prospects'shoes.Think about what you would want if you were walking into a health club for the first time,and give them even more than that!

  5.The contribution mentioned in Paragraph 1 refers to________.

  A.good serviceB.training the staffC.greeting customers

  D.the first impressione underlined word“prospect”in Paragraph 2 means“________”.

  A.an opportunity

  B.a club member

  C.a regular customer

  D.a possible customer

  7.What does Paragraph 3 mainly want to show?

  A.We are usually wrong about someone nice.

  B.It's not easy to change a bad first impression.

  C.We should make it up after leaving a bad impression.

  D.Even great people can leave bad impressions on others.

  8.A person who has a bad first impression on the health club________.l tell this to the staff of another health club

  B.is likely to give a chance for the staff to make it up

  C.is likely to talk about the bad impression with others

  D.will have an argument with the staff of the health club

  语篇解读:作者认为对于一个健身俱乐部来说给潜在客户留下好的第一印象非常重要。解析:推理判断题。根据文章内容可知本文是围绕潜在客户对健身俱乐部第一印象的重要性展开的故选D项。答案:D解析:词义猜测题。根据本段内容可知第一印象对答案:D解析:主旨大意题。根据第三段的“it still probably took you some extra time to get over your first impression and change your thoughts about that person.”可知本段主要想表明改变不好的第一印象不容易。答案:B解析:细节理解题。根据第四段的“if a person has a bad first impression可知他们很可能把这个不好的印象给朋友们说。答案:C第二节 完形填空阅读下面的短文掌1~20题所给的A、B、C和D项中选出最佳选项。hortest distance between any two points is a straight line.Moving forward along the straight line always represents the most ____1____ and productive course of action.

  The other day,I visited an Australian friend.There I ____2____ a nice artwork which is the coat of arms of Australia(澳大利亚国徽).On it____3____ which cannot be seen in other countries.These two ____4____ animals in Australia are the kangaroo and the emu(鸸鹋)uch

  ____5____,but they do share one unique ____6____.Because of the length of their tails____7____ direction,they have to move forward and finish a U­turn.____8____ the structure and shape of their feet,emus cannot back up and must ____9____ move ahead.The wise person who designed this ____10____ Australian coat of arms understood that we could learn ____11____ from emus and kangaroos.

  As we follow our enthusiasm and move toward ____12____,there are days when progress isn't evident to us.This could mean that no progress has been made,____13____ it could mean that we are moving forward in ways that don't reveal progress ____14____.If you are currently stuck in one location____15____ to move forward so that there is no time wasted or energy used,which does not ____16____ progress.If you have a goal in your life that you would like to ____17____,you should make progress toward it along a ____18____ line.That progress needs to take big ____19____ toward those things you want to do.As long as you don't ____20____ no matter what happens,the good situation will eventually present itself.